Masters of Education

Nanyang Technological University

Certified PECS Implementer

Dear Educators, Parents & Community Partners,

Since the inception of the first Enabling Masterplan in 2007 to steer Singapore towards being an inclusive society, education and services for our children, youths and adults with special needs have both improved in quality and increased in options.  

At The Milestone Academy, we rejoice in the progress we have made as a nation. However, as educators, we frequently asked ourselves if learning and educational outcomes are meaningful, relevant and impactful to our students, their families and the society. The other question we constantly asked is what more can we do to support parents in their journey of caring for their child with Autism.


Answering these two key questions eventually led us to our incorporation. We aspire to play an active role in shaping the educational outcomes and service delivery for persons with Autism and their families. 


To achieve our vision, our programmes are engineered to support our clients' learning in schools, homes and workplaces. In addition, we believe it is necessary to collaborate with key stakeholders; families, VWOs, NGOs and employers for sustainable outcomes and efforts. 

I look forward to meeting and working together with you/your organization in impacting families and society!

Warmest Regards,

Hannah Law

Programme Director