Let us journey with your family...

At The Milestone Academy, we develop realistic learning goals, provide authentic learning experiences and closely monitor our students' learning outcomes. 


We expect ourselves to be highly reflective practitioners, who collect reliable data, perform quality analysis of it and then harness the insights gathered to enhance future learning experiences. It is never the students do not learn, but always how can we teach better? 

At TMA, we also recognise the importance of parental involvement and the need for sibling/caregiver support. Therefore, there are also programs developed to support these guardian angels in their daily care, interactions and management of their family member with ASD.



Early Intervention Programs for Infants & Children. Begin as early as 12 month old. Program centers  on preparing children for formal schooling.

7-18 yrs old

Transition from lesser private 1-to-1 sessions to learning in group settings. Center-based group classes available for those not enrolled in MOE/International 



Focuses primarily on daily living skills and vocational skills. The overarching goal is to ensure our young adults are kept cognitively and meaningfully engaged both at home, work and/or community. 



Customisable programs based on needs of each individual family. E.g. toilet training, anger and sleep management.